About Us

Building Memories since 1978

Family of 7

Family of Seven in an Algonquin Prospector Canoe

We believe that our standards should never be limited to just the canoes we craft, but should always consider the memories they are designed to build.

Holy Cow Canoe manufactures light weight composite recreational canoes & kayaks.

Working with advanced new age composite materials such as Ultra-Glass, Kevlar® and Carbon Kevlar® , all Holy Cow Canoes are built to remain strong, durable, and reliable, while remaining very light weight.

Ideal for a variety of recreational applications and terrain, Holy Cow Canoe offers a number of versatile designs suitable for first time paddlers seeking a safe, stable, easy paddling craft to enjoy with the family to advanced paddlers after a sleek craft that offers exceptional speed and efficiency in the water.

Check our Factory Specials page for a list of clearance canoes!



Discounted Shipping is available to most major metropolitan areas throughout Canada, and Mainland U.S.A.

International shipping is available upon request. Shipping is at an additional cost & will vary based on location and delivery options.

Please contact us to inquire about shipping options, costs, & details if required.