Sportsman Canoe Series

Factory Build

Factory Build

By far one of the best performing Canoe’s period. The Sportsman offers unparalleled speed, maneuverability, and tracking. Great for the true outdoors sports person. Perfect for fishing and hunting, and extremely graceful in the water.

Available with/without name.

  • Fantastic Speed
  • Outstanding Tracking & Maneuverability
  • Graceful

The Sportsman is one of our most popular models. Its surprising speed, durability and maneuverability are well suited for the solo paddler or family get-away.
An exceptionally graceful canoe, the Sportsman is an extremely versatile choice for the all-around canoeist.

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Red Sportsman with dog

16′ Sportsman Canoe Holy Cow Canoe


Available Size; 16′

Sportsman Weight Max Capacity Optimal Max Load
785 LBS 500 LBS.
16′ Fibreglass N/A
Ultra-Glass -58 LBS
Kevlar – 47 LBS


16′ 34″ 12.5″ 21″ 20″
Regular MSRP
Fibreglass N/A
Ultra-Glass $1375.00
Kevlar $2299.00

1. Weights and specifications based on standard trim – Optional equipment (if added) may alter final weight.
2. Weights listed are based on a maximum figure rather than an average weight. * Maximum weight figures are subject to fluctuations within Industry guidelines of only + or – 1-2lbs.** VS. Weight provided as an “average” is dependent upon criteria and method used for comparison, which can vary greatly between manufacturers. Using an average weight is considered inaccurate for comparison as final weights can fluctuate by 10-18 LBS and still be considered accurate.