Y-Stern Canoe Series

Y-Stern on the water ~ a great fishing boat

Y-Stern on the water Great fishing boat

The Y-Stern boat is not for the average canoeist. They are made for maximum stability and a solid weight capacity to take on heavy loads.
Meant for the serious canoeist, and outdoor enthusiast. Our Y- Stern boats can not be beat. Enormous weight capacities and stability, the Holy Cow Canoe Y-Stern series are fantastic with or without a motor.
Available sizes:

  • 17′.4 Goliath
  • 15′ Prospector Y-Stern ***New
  • 12′ Y-stern Scout

The Goliath

A boat that lives up to its name, the “Goliath” was originally designed for Moose Hunting. The max hull capacity will carry up to 1500 lbs.
A very stable boat with a motor rating of 5 hp/ 4 kW (this boat flies).

Algonquin Prospector Y-Stern
Optimal load range 220 lbs – 550 lbs weighs 54 lbs in Kevlar. Also available in Ultra-glass weighing in at 64 lbs.

Y-Stern Scout
This boat doubles as a “Duck-Boat”, light and stable. One person can lift and maneuver this boat with ease. This boat is made for hunting and fishing.
Rated max power 3 hp motor (this boat moo-ters).


Chopped Back end

Chopped Back end


Weights and specifications based on standard trim
– Optional equipment may alter specs.

Review from the website:

  “This is a review of the 15′ Algonquin Prospector Y-Stern. I’ve had the canoe a few years and use it primarily as a fishing platform and paddle it in between. Overall, I think it is a great boat. I have the Ultraglass model, bought as a factory second. I treat it as a tool, hit rocks, grind gravel, you name it – the boat has held strong. I have a 45lbs thrust trolling motor on the back most of the time and it moves well and tracks straight. It is funny to see other boaters or canoeist’s faces as they don’t know what to think. I’m not the best paddler, but it seems similar to other ‘prospector’ canoes that I’ve been in before (just chopped at the back). No complaints, other than the Y-Stern is a bit tight at the back and it seems a bit tough to find a gas outboard that fits it well in terms of transom height. That’s not the canoes fault, it is just my desire to hit remote spots and get there really fast. I paddle around when I get there. Use with Electric Trolling motor and you’ll have a blast. Paddle it when your hands are free (from fishing).”