International Sales


We offer a wide range of services from repair to assistance with product development, composite engineering & design.

 Simple repair services for a variety of different makes and models of canoes, to the addition or replacement of key structural components to keep your trusty canoe on the water.

We also offer product development, structural testing & analysis, & consultation on advanced composite construction projects. 

Our knowledge and familiarity with emerging composite technologies and advanced processes in Marine, Aviation, & Military applications, will help ensure your project is cost effective and goes according to plan.

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International Sales & Shipping

Internationally, our canoes are exported and had been engineered to specifically meet the demands of climate and type of use. Although the designs shown on our website are very versatile and can be used for a variety of functions, we do also have a number of other designs that are not listed which are more specific.

Providing information regarding the main function of the canoes you are looking for, the amount of weight that they will be used with, if they will need to accommodate a small outboard motor, and the type of terrain where they will be used, it would be helpful in ensuring that the canoes you require provide adequate capacity and the correct design elements to ensure they are well suited for the tasks & environments where they will be used. Regardless of your final selection in supplier, we strongly recommend that the answers to the above questions be included in your RFP.

The design, shape, capacity, and material of any vessel will ultimately effect how well it performs its intended function, and in-turn how useful it will be to the people it was intended for.

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